Help Me Out of Debt

Does it feel like you are floating in an ocean of collection calls and letters? Tossed by wave, after wave of collectors after all of your money?

Help me out of debt

Do you want someone to just throw you a life ring to grab onto? How about a speedboat to take you back to shore?
If you are looking for help to get out of debt, I admire you working to try to do the right thing! Looking through the internet for answers to take action puts you far above the other people just sitting on the couch watching tv waiting for their bankruptcy to get through.
Here are some very helpful tips and pointers when trying to deal with your own debt:
Get the collectors to stop calling you and mailing you. If anything to gather your thoughts and figure out what is the best step to take first. If you do this, then your life will dramatically improve.
The next thing you can do is sit down with a pad of paper and a pencil and list out all of the debts you currently owe.
Make special note of the ones where you are only a month or two behind and separate those from charged off accounts that collection companies are calling you about.
Prioritize how you are spending your money. You need to be really careful about who you are paying and why. A lot of times it is easier to just pay off the guy who is screaming at you the loudest and most often (that is why the first step is so important).
Here is the biggest thing to keep in mind. These people who are trying to collect from you are PROFESSIONALS. They do this all day everyday, and you aren’t the first person to tell them a story. The collectors have heard all the stories and only care about one thing: getting your money. They will say and do just about anything (including lie to you) to get your money. ANYTHING. You need to keep your story straight and stay on point when dealing with them.
Finally, the best thing to do is to learn from other peoples’ first hand experience when dealing with collectors. That is the best way to know how to handle them in your situation. Go to to get instant access to the information collectors don’t want you to know

Help me out of debt


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